My name is Moritz, I am a commercial, event and editorial photographer from Germany.

Throughout my life, I have traveled and moved quite a lot, however, the time that I have lived in Atlanta, GA in the USA has influenced me the most, as I decided to start my own business at that time. Currently, I am living in Groningen and in Münster.


I have started my company at the beginning of 2017 and for me, my time has been full of exciting new opportunities ever since.


I first started taking pictures with a small pocket camera at a very young age. When I first had the chance to shoot with a DSLR I took it. I borrowed one of my grandfather’s cameras, as he is a photographer himself. He saw my passion and he decided to give the camera to me as a gift. This camera is the camera I learned all the basics on, through teaching myself but also through what my grandfather showed me. When I felt confident enough, I had my first photoshoot and the turnout was surprisingly good. The two models I shot with were very happy and so was I! This shoot fueled me and got me even more interested in photography. From there on I spent more and more time behind the camera and soon I outgrew the camera I once received. Throughout the years I bought more and more equipment which brings me to the present day.


Nowadays I am able to provide my clients with high-quality imagery, which is tailored towards their needs and often is positively influenced by my creative visions. 


As I also always had a passion for music, working at events, which often turn out to be parties or festivals, was the natural step to take. So far, I have worked at multiple festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, England, and Romania. In addition to that at a variety of Clubs in Germany and again the Netherlands.

Further, I have worked with businesses in Germany, Austria, England and the Netherlands, often in collaboration with a marketing agency. 


48145 Münster


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Moritz Leisen | Münster, Deutschland | Groningen, Netherlands

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